Bring Customers Back More Often

Endless Loyalty

Here is what we can do

Increase Sales
  • Send relevant offers to targeted customers
  • Attract nearby customers 
  • Boost off-peak times sales using the Traffic Booster feature
  • Grow your sales with SMS, Email and Push campaigns
Social Media
  • Create your own branded digital gift cards
  • Keep customers engaged using the One Tap feature
  • Attract more customers with the Social Media Referral tool
  • Promote specific products using the À la Carte Rewards feature
Increase Profit

Boost your AOV (average order value) with powerful promotions and discounts that you can calibrate based on a variety of customer behaviors and spend habits.

Keep in Touch
  • Build stronger relationship with your customers using our  CRM feature
  • Add unlimited number of stores / branches
  • Connect your Loyalty platform to your POS
Referral Program

Easily grow your customer base by rewarding customers who refer friends that make a purchase. 

Referred customers generate 86% higher revenue and deliver a 60% larger return on investment.

It’s simple. The more your customers know about your brand, the more it grows. And referral programs have the potential of being one of the most powerful methods to promote your brand.

The better customer experiences you can deliver and the more value you can add to the buying journey, the more you’ll retain existing customers.

Build Relationships with your Customers

Acquire new customers and grow your database by promoting fun contests!

Gain new customers and brand visibility by rewarding customers who refer and share your offers on social media.

Promote your brand and increase sales by exciting customers with a chance to win a product or service!

Get valuable feedback and more positive online reviews

Measure your customer satisfaction by sending automated surveys. Customers who are highly satisfied will be prompted to write a Yelp and/or Google review for your business. Dissatisfied customers will be able to receive a promo or deal to encourage them to give your business a second chance.

Identify your best customers

Leverage strong customer relationships by reaching the right people at the right time with email, SMS and push notifications! 

Retain brand loyalty and increase sales with unique brand experiences based on first-hand insights. 

Improve marketing ROI and drive sales productivity by automating time-consuming tasks so your business can thrive!  

Monitor your business’s performance.

Various dashboards provide you with a birdseye view of your program performance. Track customer visits, sign-ups, their spending habits, and so on. All dashboards are segmented by location so you can track the success of all your locations.

Enroll customers any way you want.

Customers can enroll into your loyalty program via:

✓ Customer Facing Tablet
✓ Your Mobile App
✓ Online on the Web
✓ SMS/Text Messaging

Capture as little or as much information as you’d like

Loyalty you can bank on

Turn Casual Customers Into Loyal Regulars